No matter how much you love your life and your daily routine, it’s easy to feel a little stuck after a while. If you’re feeling like a rundown battery and the best way to recharge is to retreat for a few days then you’ll love our exclusive Weekend Getaway promotions.









Weekend Getaways are affordable vacation packages planned to popular tourist destinations across the United States, Mexico and Caribbean for select weekends & holidays.

These rejuvenating getaways are usually planned 6 – 9 months in advance to allow clients to conveniently pay over time in small monthly or biweekly payments.

Weekend Getaways are not group travel or a company sponsored/hosted social event. Every booking is private and confidential.

  • Roundtrip Flights
  • Hotel | Resort Accommodations
  • Airport & Hotel Transfers optional
  • Excursions & Activities optional

Total price will vary depending on factors such as departing airport, number of people in your group, hotel selection, etc.  It would be very difficult to show prices for every option. Please submit the free quote request form below for final pricing. 

Payment & Fees

  • Cancel your trip within 90 days of making deposit and receive a full refund minus $99 cancellation fee.
  • Name Changes/Transfers available up to 60 days prior to start of vacation for $150 fee.
  • All payments will be made via electronic invoice emailed on a monthly or biweekly schedule. A $25 late fee will automatically be added after five (5) days of non-payment.
  • Automatic cancellations after thirty (30) days of non-payment. Please contact us if you need to make payment arrangements. We will help as much as possible.
  • Balances must be paid in full within 30 days prior to the start of your vacation. No exceptions.
  • Debit/Card will be required at hotel check-in for security deposit & incidentals.

Travel Information

  • Room upgrades available after making deposit.
  • Final itinerary w/ confirmations will be issued 30-45 days prior to the start of your getaway.
  • No discount airlines are used for bookings.
  • Flight seating is solely based on airline availability. We will make every effort to seat groups together but can not be guaranteed.
  • Early mornings flights are chosen when available to maximize your vacation time at your destination.
  • Passports are required for any international travel and must be valid for six (6) months beyond your travel dates.
  • Weekend Getaways is not group travel or a company sponsored/hosted social event.
  • Every booking is private & confidential.

Flexible Monthly & Biweekly Payment Options


1. Get free quote

Submit quote request form indicating group size, departing airport(s), and hotel choice to receive final pricing.


2. Pay Deposit

Pay the required deposit to secure your spot. Room upgrades and addition of excursions & activities will be available after booking.


3. Make payments

Make your scheduled payments and receive your final itinerary  within 30-45 days from the start of your vacation.

Montego Bay

All Inclusive Resorts

Las Vegas

Luxurious Strip Hotels


Party on South Beach


“The monthly payments made it super affordable “

– Chris Thomas


“Finally made it to Las Vegas! Thanks Let’s Get Away Charters!”

– Jacob Wren


“I had a blast in Miami”

– Keseya Boyd